First months of 2014
Jueves, 24 de Abril de 2014 15:35

I've been busy lately in live and sports. Sorry for the delay my english readers!! January 26th we welcomed our son Jon to our lives. A truly live changing experience that Rut and I are enjoying!!



Abu Dhabi was my first race of the year. I planed to have a calm winter and start to the season so I knew it was going to be hard to be in good shape for Abu Dhabi. I got an unfortunate cold the days before the event but I did my best, survived to a tough day in the dessert and came back home with a decent 6th place.




Things got a bit bad when I arrived home, the pre race cold became a pneumonia, and I had to take two weeks off and an antibiotics treatment. Not fun but recovered nicely from that with our stay in Club La Santa in Lanzarote (check this nice interview here about been a father and pro triathlete in Club La Santa). Slowly I got back into my training, regaining my strength and feeling better workout after workout.


Foto: James Mitchell Photography


From Lanzarote we flew to M√°laga, and here we are right now for the I Can Triathlon race on sunday april 27th. It's going to be good to exactly see how fit I am right know and to see if I'm 100% recovered from the past health problems. Looking forward to a tough race with some very tough competitors in I Can M√°laga!!

Happy New Year!!
Martes, 31 de Diciembre de 2013 14:57

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3rd place Ironman Cozumel
Lunes, 09 de Diciembre de 2013 21:15

With the third place in Ironman Cozumel I finished my 2013 season. It wasn¬īt my best race of the year but I wasn¬īt expecting it neither. Last training weeks weren¬īt easy with the bad weather and the long season on my body, but in the conditions I competed I think I did a decent job and fullfilled my goals of finishing the race and gaining enough points to be in a good position on the Kona Pro Ranking. We had a wonderful time In Cozumel and Playa del Carmen with some of my best friends and it's been a wonderful way to close the great 2013 racing season.


Photos by Jorgen Melau :





11th place in GoPro Ironman World Championships
Domingo, 13 de Octubre de 2013 17:52

First of all thank you for your support, I know many of you followed the race online and sending your best wishes. Is not the race I was looking for, in some moments I suffered lik never before. I take the positive things, been able to recover from the bad moments, finish the marathon strong, finish this Ironman after the last two years DNFs and get a 11th position. It's been a great year with the wins in Melbourne and Frankfurt, now is time to have a good rest. From the heart, thank you again to everybody.

GoPro Ironman World Championships coverage
Viernes, 11 de Octubre de 2013 02:18


You can follow the Ironman World Championships live coverage on the Ironman ofical website here. Race starts saturday 12th of october at 6:30am hawaian time. Rut will also try to make her best to keep my Facebook and Twitter updated during the race. Aloha from Kona!

Breakfast with Bob Babbit
Jueves, 10 de Octubre de 2013 06:21


Check the interview recorded this morning with Bob Babbit, Paul Huddle and Panchoman:


Breakfast with Bob Babbit.


Lava Magazine
Domingo, 04 de Agosto de 2013 12:49

On the cover of LAVA magazine:



Win and sub8 in Frankfurt
Viernes, 19 de Julio de 2013 14:28


A good day on the bike, felt quite fresh at the end of the 181 kilometers of the bike and ready to attack the marathon and try to catch Marino.




A fast bike course but not a flat one. Climbing one of the hills on the bike in Frankfurt.




Starting the marathon a bit too fast, under 3'40"/km pace for the first part of the run, payed the initial effort halfway on the run, 3rd and 4th laps were tough, it was hot and windy, but I had enough strength to increase my lead.



...and even sprint to the finish line, one second before crossing the line...



...and the relief of finishing the race and stoping the watch under 8 hours, only for 2 seconds!!



A little recovery time...



And finally time to celebrate at the balcony with women's winner Camilla Pedersen!! Thanks you to my wife Rut, my family, friends, sponsors and to everybody who follows me and supports me!!


Now a couple of weeks off to get a good recovery before starting the preparation for Kona. Best regards!!


Racing schedule
Martes, 30 de Abril de 2013 07:25

Photo: BH / James Mitchell


I took my time to decide my next racing calendar. With the 4000 points from Melbourne I can be more relaxed now, I just want to gain some more points to be safe in the Kona Pro Ranking and get my entry for the Ironman World Chamiponships in Kona. I'm doing Mallorca and St. Pölten 70.3 races in may, new races for me, new challenges. Then I'll be racing in a classic for me, triathlon of Zarautz, I've won 9 times here, is one of the best races in the world and I would love to score my 10th txapela (winners hat) in Zarautz. And second big race of the year will be the European Ironman Championship in Frankfurt. I raced two times in Frankfurt, is a great event and I'm really looking forward to be back and race with some of the best triathletes in the world. From there everything is going to be about my preparation for Kona. I'm taking the next months easy, I'll be fit for my next races but I'm not planning to be at my 100% because I want to save some mental and physical energy for the big race in Hawaii.


Here my racing schedule and the links to the races:


-May 11th Thomas Cook 70.3 Mallorca.

-May 26th 70.3 St. Pölten (Austria).

-June 8yh, BH Zarauzko Triatloia.

-July 7th, Cto. de Europa Ironman de Frankfurt.

Win in Ironman Mebourne!!
Domingo, 24 de Marzo de 2013 14:46

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