Yes I can! I was telling it to myself the hole day… the motto of the race came in handy, I can, I can, I can … when the legs do not give much the only thing left is to push with the mind and move forward as you can. Hard and long training sessions for Hawaii took their toll on Saturday. If in three weeks I want to be at my hundred percent I had to sacrifice my tune up for the I can tri and run the risk of not having a good day, and start the run nearly four minutes back to great Triathletes like Mikel Elgezabal or Clemens Coenen. Luckily when I don´t have good legs on the bike I usually have them good for the run and I could squeeze a little more on the run and have the race «under control» by the 12th kilometer of the half marathon. I finally got the win of this first edition of the I Can Triathlon, happy with the victory but not with the feelings. Just three weeks before the Hawaii Ironman I would have liked to feel «super», but I was not, could not be so, hard work will pay off, but not now, that time will arrive soon, in three weeks…

And about the race itself, I have to tell you, first edition and it was a big success. In a few triathlons triathletes have received the treatment they receive in this I can, from the arrival at the airport until the departure everything was perfect and a triathlon with this level of care for all triathletes has the future guaranteed. Great race, watch for it next year.

Back from Mallorca I have returned to the routine of the last days, that is miles and miles of training. The recovery of the race was very good and I’m having very good feelings. Once this week is completed the tapering will begin, with the trip to Hawaii in the middle, I will comment when the time comes.

Good training to all! And in bad times you know… I can!!