Here you have the third and last part of the 10 tips, hope you’ve find it useful, I will keep posting more tips in the future. Stay tuned!!


7. Previous Acts


Pasta party, parade, expo, briefing… you will have the information in the web of the race, have clear which ones you want  to assist (mandatory to go to the briefing!) and plan ahead or you take the risk of spending many hours standing, not knowing where to go with the result of  stress and exhaustion. Visit the expo, we love new gadgets and novelties, that´s why we are triathletes not? And if you buy the latest toy don´t take the risk in using it on race day without trying it well the days before.


8. Sleep


Sleep all you can, eight hours a night and a little nap for me is ideal. The first days in Hawaii I avoid the nap (you can fall into a deep sleep of a few hours and can greatly delay your adjustment to the time change) and I try to stay active during the day to get quickly rid of the jetlag. «When in Rome do as the Romans» the saying goes, and is a good way to adapt to life in a new place. In Hawaii, the day starts early (5-6 am) and finish early (at 9-10 in  bed),so I stick to that plan trying to get myself adapted as soon as possible.


9. Tourism


¡Not everything is going to be triathlon! Sure you’re in a cool place and there are things to do, if you have time take advantage and go someplace interesting, if you do it a few days before the race and don´t ware yourself out ,it will not be negative for your race, on the contrary, it will help you disconnect and relax a little.


10. Have a good time


Is the key to all of this, we do triathlon because we like it and because we have fun. Try to relax, enjoy the place, the environment, the company… be positive and believe in yourself. It is the moment for which we have worked so hard, do not waste it, enjoy it, and remember during the competition  that is doesn´t have to be fun to enjoy it, we are masochist by nature and we find enjoyment in suffering. Once the race is over, your are likely not to want to hear of any triathlon for a while, but don´t worry that passes by and soon you´ll be planning your next madness. ¡¡Welcome to the Triathlon Planet!!