Two good weeks of rest that I have enjoyed. I needed to disconnect both physically and mentally. By the way, as every year we used to do some trekkings,  this time, we went to spend some days in Picos de Europa, and the truth is that we really enjoyed it. The last time I was 20 years ago, I have good memories of that visit as I’m sure I’ll keep the good memories of these past days. Stunning landscapes:


At Collado Jermoso with Rut



Now I’m back «to work». Ten hard weeks ahead until I reach the great goal: Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. Last week I was with Iñigo Mujika (my coach) talking calmly, the two lying in the sun on the beach enjoying my last days of rest, it seemed a good place to talk about planning ahead for Hawaii. The conclusion we reached was clear, the level is getting higher and the victory very expensive. I will have to work and fight very hard to reach Kona as never before. In these three weeks we will focus in improving all three disciplines but specially the run, today Hawaii is won running, running very fast. But we can´t forget about the swim and the bike, times are getting very fast. In the meeting with Iñigo three figures stuck in my head. Three figures that these days I can’t get out of my head and that will be present in these ten weeks. They will be my source of motivation, I’m going to say to myself in moments of weakness, these three figures are my goal. When the time arrives I will let you know but at the moment it’s something between Iñigo, Ruti and me.

Now… time to work hard!!


Sunset in Picos de Europa