Postrace recovery, german style (alcohol free…)


With Roth my first half of the season came to an end. Not with the result that I wanted neither the finish time I was looking for, but with the satisfaction of having given everything and geting on the podium of one of the most prestigious triathlons in the world.


The swim started well, I soon took my place behind Pete Jacobs and Rasmus Henning and we opened space with the other triathletes. The pace was good and I was comfortable. Touching the floor after the swim the first mishap of the day arrived, It marked the rest of my race, I got a cramp in one of the hamstring and I had to make the transition very slowly to keep it from getting worse. I mounted on the bike in third place but with the reference of the leaders lost. I did the bike alone, I closed the gap to a mere 30 seconds of them but I could not catch up. Both Stadler and Kienle passed me in the second lap and were opening a hole, I kept my pace. I didn´t notice the work done on the bike in the first kilometers of the marathon, I ran at a good pace, doing my calculations to go under eight hours. At the half marathon my good feelings ended, what was left was pure survival race, forgetting the time and focusing on keeping the third place. The last two kilometers throughout the village of Roth were endless, despite the encouragement of the public. I arrived very tired at the finish line, maybe paying the efforts made earlier this season, unhappy with the result but happy with having fought once again and become a finisher, enjoying what I could within the incredible atmosphere of the Roth Challenge a race where I want to return, partly because of the race itself and partly because of the personal experience so beautiful that exists in this triathlon.


Dank Roth!