Evrything is going great during our first days in Kailua-Kona. The trip was perfect, we arrived tired and jetlaged but fine, and our bikes and stuff arrived safely with us too, very important. I had an easy run on saturday the day of our arrival, and yesterday morning we swam in the Pier (what a fantastic feeling to swim in this waters!) and I did a fast running workout in the afternoon accompanied by Rut. I feel fresh and strong, the tapering is doing its work. Just six days to the big race and everything is coming together perfectly.

I let you some pictures of my first days in Kona.


Finally in Kona after a long long trip

Sunrise in White Sands Village: Mauna Loa says good morning!

World famous Kona Pier

Going for a swim

Jon and I putting our bikes together

Nice Hawaiian sunset, I feel fortunate to be here