We’ve been in Maui for a couple of days right now, Kona 2010 is history for us, but from those days we are going to keep great memories and for the days that our memory start to fail we will have these pictures that will remind us of the great times we spent in the competition, with our friends and with nature in this magical part of the world. Here you have a summary in pictures about our days in Kona. I hope you enjoy it!



First days are to get used to the time change and recover from the long trip. But there is still time for some demanding training sessions. Here doing intervals in the Queen K.



All is better if you are in great company. Here Rut and I in the balcony of our condo with Fer, Inma and Jaime.



Time goes by fast! Before realizing race day arrives. Fer and I still smiling, ready to bring our bikes to the checkin the day before.



Mores serious here, is 5:30am race day, all ready in the transition the area. No way back here!



Lying on the floor, trying to relax…



My Sailfish swimnsuit, Spiuk racing kit, Polar heartrate, goggles and swimcup… I got everything with me, time to play!



First kilometers on the bike, climbing Palani. Rut always with me, my team and my best supporter!



Coming back to town, last kilometers of the bike. Race has become difficult, a lot of time lost with the best cyclists, but still a marathon ahead!!



Look at my face!! 200 meters to go, this is tough…



Finish line at last!! Relief, dissapointment, hapiness… weird mix of feelings. I did my best, that’s what counts the most!!



The day after, award ceremony. My most sincere congratulations to all the guys in the picture and of course to all the finishers!!



What a couple!! Fernando 45-49 age group Ironman World Champion, Inma didn´t race but if she had…



Game is over, now time to enjoy the Big Island and visit magestic waterfalls like this one.



And refresh in the water below, nothing better to recover, what a fantastic feeling!!



Playing in the water with fun toys, I like the SUP very much!!



All surrounded by wonderful criatures, those behind me are dolphins, I swear!!



And beautifull turtles everywhere…



And of course impressive sunsets everyday. With this last picture I say goodbye to Kona for this year, see you in 2011, for more and better experiences. Mahalo for the great times.


Aloha everybody!!


PS: Thanks to Miguel Angel, Jaime and Triatlonchannel for some of the pictures.