We are already on the beaches of Abu Dhabi and wearing a new racing kit for this season. I will race my triathlons in 2011 in this very white kit, starting with Abu Dhabi. It will be my second participation in this Arab Emirate race, and of course wanting to fight for victory again this year. The field in 2010 was very strong and is even stronger this year. After Kona undoubtedly the long distance triathlon over the world with the highest level. I feel very well, training in Lanzarote was very good and the tapering has gone perfectly, the heat and wind of the island have left me ready for the conditions that we will have on Saturday. I expect a tough race, with attempts to harden even more on the bike by many people followed by a fast run, so now is time the rest to be prepared and give everything on saturday.

Greetings to everyone from Abu Dhabi, I tell you more after the race.


And a new logo too!!