2010 Xterra World Championship, the last great day… of this season. With this race I put an end to the racing season and I want it to be a happy ending. The Ironman recovery the past two weeks has gone well, the first week in Kona total relaxation and the latter in Maui also quite relaxed doing some short workouts to try to revive the body. The sensations are good and I feel quite rested. The main objective is to ensure victory in the Hawaiian double, and if things go as well as they went last year, to fight for victory. I honestly do not know how my body is going to respond, this race is quite unpredictable, but I’m eager, motivated, and after the experience of last year I know that nothing is impossible!

I leave you with some links to entertain:

-Video profile xterra.tv

-Pre-race Interview xterra.tv


-Follow the race live www.xterramaui.com