It’s the San Silvestre, running on the last day of the year, a tradition held in many cities and towns around the world. I remember running this race when I was a kid, and now for the last recent years I have retaken this great tradition. For the first time I did two races, the first one was a race for kids, Rut and I run with our niece, we had a great fun doing this, 1,25 kilometers that Irati, 4 years old, run like nothing, she has good genetic, look for her in the future. It was a good warm up for me, the race for the big ones was a bit longer 6,750 meters. Always a deep field here with some african runners at the start line. Been in my fourth week of training I can´t expect big things from this race (from the results point of view), but is strange that I always feel fast and strong even if I haven´t trained for it. I was 7th across the finishline with a time of 20:05, beating some specialists on the way, some africans among them… but the most important thing is that I had a great time, running on the most centric streets of Vitoria-Gasteiz, all the city for us: runners, triathletes, people who just like to exercise and have fun while doing it… I’ll race again next year, is always good to say goodbye to a nice year with a little bit of suffering and a nice smile in your face.


Happy new year to everybody!!