Nike LunaRace, LunarElite, LunarGlide, Pegasus, NikeFree… some of the models I’m already enjoying


I want to share with you wonderful news. Nike Company and I have joined our forces; I’m full of joy but also of responsibility.


I think I don’t have to explain the importance of this sports brand known worldwide and which dress up some of the best athletes on the international scene. Now Nike supports me with their running shoes for my training and competitions along this season, I’m proud of it!!


In fact, I have to confess that my first competition shoes in the year 93 were a pair of Nike Air Pegasus Racer. It has passed a lot of time from those times but I still trust in Nike blindly.


I’m already using my Nike running shoes and this surely will help me to improve my performance. From now on, I’ll work and do the effort and Nike will provide the quality and high technology; together we are goint to get many great results.