Photo: BH / James Mitchell

I took my time to decide my next racing calendar. With the 4000 points from Melbourne I can be more relaxed now, I just want to gain some more points to be safe in the Kona Pro Ranking and get my entry for the Ironman World Chamiponships in Kona. I’m doing Mallorca and St. Pölten 70.3 races in may, new races for me, new challenges. Then I’ll be racing in a classic for me, triathlon of Zarautz, I’ve won 9 times here, is one of the best races in the world and I would love to score my 10th txapela (winners hat) in Zarautz. And second big race of the year will be the European Ironman Championship in Frankfurt. I raced two times in Frankfurt, is a great event and I’m really looking forward to be back and race with some of the best triathletes in the world. From there everything is going to be about my preparation for Kona. I’m taking the next months easy, I’ll be fit for my next races but I’m not planning to be at my 100% because I want to save some mental and physical energy for the big race in Hawaii.

Here my racing schedule and the links to the races:

-May 11th Thomas Cook 70.3 Mallorca.

-May 26th 70.3 St. Pölten (Austria).

-June 8yh, BH Zarauzko Triatloia.

-July 7th, Cto. de Europa Ironman de Frankfurt.