Hard day yesterday, the competition and the course were tough and I had to give my best to get the second spot on the podium. I got closer than ever to the first place, I had a quite good feeling on the skies, not for the first kilometers, because my legs were very tired after the 20 kms. on the bike, all uphill and with very strong bikers like Patxi Vila (pro cyclist). Victory was again for Victor Lobo, specialist in this discipline and very good on the skies, I tried to follow him once he passed me but his skills on the skies are much much better than mine and finally he run away with the win.


Very nice weekend in Ansó, happy with my season start and having great fun with the event. Winter triathlon is a complicated sport and stressful at some points, you have to take care of weather, snow conditions, race course conditions… and be ready to make changes in your equipment (bike, bike tires, skies…) till the last moment… but you know what… I love this sport!!


For official results of the event visit: www.triatlon.org