I wanted to take a long break at the end of this 2012 season and unfortunately the break is going to be longer than expected due to a broken scaphoid. I had a stupid crash going up the stairs, in the beginning it was a weak pain in my left wrist but in a couple of hours it became very painful. The diagnosis was a Scaphoid fracture, that is not displaced which is a good thing. I’ve been wearing a plastic cast for the last 22 days and I must wear it for at least another 22 days.


The good thing is that we are in Club La Santa in Lanzarote enjoying the sun and the good weather for a few days, hopefully the warmth and the ocean water will make my recovery faster. I can´t train at 100% right now, swimming is difficult and not recommended yet, biking in my Computrainer (thanks that I have it here with me!) is fine and running is no problem. Next weeks if my wrist keeps going ok I will be increasing the training volume so I’m ready to start training 100% when I’m totally recovered from the fracture.


Cheers from Lanzarote!!