Time goes by fast, already that time of the year has arrived, Hawaii is here!! Last training weeks were very hard but the toughest job is done now. Today is rest day and tomorrow I start the tapering to get ready for the big day. I will continue with the training, the volume will be significantly lower but I still keep doing some quality work. On Wednesday we start our travel to Kona, if the general strike allows us… and if all goes well on Thursday we’ll be there. My two bikes, BH GC Aero for the Ironman and BH Trail Racer for the Xterra are already flying to Hawaii thanks to BH, is a big relief to be able to travel without the bikes.


The last workouts have gone very well, I am very strong. After a few weeks a bit touched with back pain, everything seems to be back to normal and I have assimilated very well this last week of hard work. We made a similar planification to what we did for Abu Dhabi Triathlon, I was in a great shape then and I think that almost 7 months later, although all the racing that I’ve done, we were able to get to that point again, so that the planning that my coach Iñigo Mujika designed for this season it’s been a big success. Recovery between races has been our top priority, and thanks to this I feel still fresh, motivated and looking forward to the big races in this end of the season.


These last days in Vitoria-Gasteiz will be a little bit stressful, days before the big trip they always are: suitcases, final preparations, press conference on Tuesday, responding to journalists, training… but I’m getting used to it, once in the plane I’ll have time to relax. Surely the next update of my web will be from Kona, I’ll try to keep you updated frequently as I go around the Big Island and do not forget that you can follow me on Facebook and on Twitter (@enekollanos).


Good training and races to everybody!! Enjoy the end of the season!!