With the team moments before the start: myself, Arkaitz, Jon, Hektor and Shane.


We were used to win the Cup in the the last years. We were always getting with the team a little bit limited for the Copa del Rey, but we used to do well and come back home with the King’s Cup. This time wasn´t that way, in A Coruña things were not as we would have liked and we missed the win. Back in the swim we lost one of our strengths, Arkaitz, and on the bike suddenly things went wrong with the fall of Hektor in the second lap. Fortunately he was able to get up and stay in the race but from there we lost the coordination and Shane (Australian guy who is training in Vitoria and joined the team for the Copa del Rey) began to pay for the lack of coordination in the team. We gave it everything in the run but the time lost was too big and at the end we had to settle for the bronze medal. The Fluvial team led this time by Javi Gomez Noya took the Cup and the Aquaslava team took second place. Congratulations to both teams for a great race.

Even with the bad taste of the result, the experience was as pleasant as ever, no doubt this race is one of my favorites of the year, the triathlon, and more on long distance, is an individual sport and are very few of times when we feel that we fight together, together with our colleagues and having the feeling of being a real team. So in 2011 we’ll return to the Copa del Rey, better prepared and even more eager to bring the Cup home, and above all eager to have a great time again.