26 hours after leaving home we arrived to Lake San Antonio where all the AVIA staff was waiting to wellcome us. We went straight to bed, too many hours without a decent sleep, we enjoyed the moment we got into bed. Hour “home” for the next 4 days here at the AVIA Wildflower Triathlon is a massive RV, the size of a bus in Europe, but not too big for american standards, where everything tends to be big, specially cars. Our situation is awesome, in one side we have Lake San Antonio and in the other side the transition area, race morning we just roll out of bed and fall into the transition area, couldn´t ask for a better situation. Today there is not much movement around, the expo and vendors are being set up, but triathletes are already filling the camping area and tomorrow the ambience is going to be great. We rode our bikes this morning to loose our legs from the long trip, we will train a little bit more this afternoon, but the hardest thing today will be to not fall sleep because the jetlag is hitting us hard.


See you!!