We had a great time in California. It was my first time in the San Diego area and we enjoyed very much our stay in Carlsbad. Training conditions were good, good swimming at the Encinitas YMCA, good riding and good running too. We did a couple of rides inland, and I found roads here less crowded and with less traffic lights than in the coast but the ride along the coast was good too with great views, but very important too keep an eye in the cars and the people riding there, specially during the weekends. I did most of my running workouts on the road and sidewalks along the coast but I also run in San Elijo lagoon which was very good and did a couple of track workouts at the San Diego university track and in San Marcos. Both tracks have trails nearby, so it is good to make a warm up on the trails and right away hit the track for the speed session.


I did a couple of appearances for my sponsors too, and both went very well. The first one in Bike Religion and the second one was a bike ride from Nytro. The raffles were the most expected moment of the days and many people went back home with a nice price, a Spiuk Kronos helmet, AVIA running shoes or BH t-shirts for example. I signed many autographs too and met and talked to very nice people.


Rut and I were so sad to have to come back home, we felt like we needed a few days more to see and do more things in the area but we couldn’t change our flights and had to come back home. We met fantastic people during our stay and we promise to be back in the future.


See you all soon!