On tuesday I went to the presentation of the TriGrandPrix Zarautz event. For those of you who don’t know this event I just have to tell you that it is amazing. I have been racing in Zarautz for more than 10 times (winning 7 of them) and is one of my favorites triathlons in the world. The atmosphere is amazing, the course awesome and the hole experience unique in the world. This year the Zarautz triathlon enters into the TriGrandPrix series and the world of triathlon will have the oportunity to know what triathletes here know from a long time ago.


Registration opens next saturday 10am at www.triatloi.org and it closes fast, last year 500 slots closed in minutes, so be fast and don´t miss the oportunity to race in Zarautz triathlon.


Video of the presentation here. For more info visit TriGrandPrix and Zarautzko Triatloia.