It took me some time to update my webiste. Since my holidays were finished at the beginning of august I’ve been superbusy. Travels, training and racing took all of my time and energy and I had no time left to keep you updated. Those who follow me via Facebook or Twitter (@enekollanos) know what I’ve been doing, but for the rest I apologize.


With Sasha in the Rocky Mountains National Park


The 11th of august we boarded in our way to Boulder (Colorado). The main reason to go there was to make a photoshooting for Triathlete magazine (you will see the result soon), but once I was traveling that far Rut and I decided to stay for a couple of weeks there with our great friend Sasha (Champion of Persia of Xterra) who very kindly welcomed us in Boulder. This town must be the meca of endurance sports. There is people working out all day long: triathletes, runners, cyclists, mothers pushing child cars, mothers pushing child cars with two dogs… is a very inspirational place, you want to stay out all day long training, the ambience is contagious. First days where for adaptation, Boulder is at 1600 meters high (1 mile high as they like to say there) wich is a bit and request some adaptation in form of easy training.


Running in Magnolia Raod with Armando and Dirk Bockel


We got quickly used to the life in this bubble, as they like to call it, in the american society. Some of the best pros train here, and we were lucky enough to share some of the training with Craig Alexander and his group. Jo Lawn and our good friend Armando were there with Crowie and they let us join them and were a great support during our days in Colorado. They showed us the best places for training, we did a couple of runs above 2600 meters, long bike rides with long steady climbs and breathtaking views and swim masters with some of the best triathletes. We attended Dave Scott’s masters too a couple of times, The Man made us suffer, but was really fun. In our easy days Sasha took good care of us and showed us the best places to visit in Boulder, we had no time to get bored and the days flew by very fast, I am sure that we will be back in the future.


Cooling the legs in Emerald Lake


As soon as I came back home we took the van and drived to Pulpi (ALmería) for the spanish olympic distance championships. I wasn´t expecting much from this race, inmersed in my preparation for Kona didn´t stop much in my training. The bike course was an easy one with no hills to make a break, not my prefered conditions. But once on the starting line I afronted the race with the intention of giving my best, make a good intensity workout and have fun. I got fifth, not bad for a rusty Ironman so I came back happy to Vitoria-Gasteiz.


Crossing the finishline in Pulpí


Now Rut and I are in Club La Santa in Lanzarote. I decided to come here because is perfect to do what I need to do now: train, eat and sleep. I did my preparation for Abu Dhabi here and you know the result so I know that this two weeks under the canarian sun are gonna make me stronger and are gonna help me to get ready for the big challenge in another volcanic island. Yesterday I did some racing here too, the bike in a team relay in the Ocean Lava with the Tri W.W.W. team, I had awesome teamates, Andrés and Fran, they are my idols, my effort in the bike was for them and for Tri W.W.W. Without any doubt it was one of the best experiences I ever had in sport, watching this guys racing was awesome, to see how passionate and motivated they are about the sport was really inspirational. Thanks to people like Isabelle and the Tri W.W.W. association awesome athletes like Fran and Andrés are able to do what they love to do and with better conditions. I will keep helping Tri W.W.W. in the future for sure, please check the website for more info:


Passing the chip to Fran


After Lanzarote I Can Triathlon in Mallorca will come, I am excited about this new race, is gonna be a great event, in another island, Mallorca and a big test to see how my preparation for Kona is going. I will keep you informed.



Good training and racing to everybody!!