Last week before leaving to Ironman Texas and it’s been a tapering week. Not much training and lots of rest to absorb the work done and recover to be at 100% in Texas. I had great feelings this week, strong and powerful that’s how a good tapering is suppose to feel. Both thursday and sunday were days of total rest, and the rest of the days were of low volume and some intensity intervals.

On Saturday we met at 3BAT to swim from Getaria to Zarautz, weather and ocean weren´t very nice with us but the motivation of all of us was more than enough to do this beautiful swim. The atmosphere was very nice and we spent a great morning. I leave you with some photos taken by our friends of

After the swim we had a nice refuel lunch, not the typical energy bars and energy drinks, more consistent things like «chorizo» that I didn´t touch since I’m vegetarian 😉

Next update will be from The Woodlands in Texas, we are looking forward to get there and race in the Ironman Texas. Talk to you from the US!!