Zarauz 2011 BH Triathlon is history. Check the video recorded an edited by my friend Txemi Llano, this is a small part of what will come later, a more extended and personal version we are working on.



This week numbers are: 0 mile swim, 0 miles of biking and 0 miles of running. Do you know what I’ve been doing? Enjoying my rest time, good food, time with friends and forgetting about triathlon for a while. My goal is to untrain myself, yes that´s right, loose my fitness to start the second part of the year as if it was a new season, to be mentally and physically fresh and strong to train hard for the big goal that is non other than the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.


I had the opportunity of meeting my friend Iñigo Urrechu in his restaurant in Madrid, beside been an excellent cook he is a passionate triathlete that always finds time to train and prepare for his Ironmans and marathons. Talking to him was really inspirational, to feel and live his passion for triathlon, cooking, friends and family was awesome as it was the experience of having a vegetarian dinner in his restaurant and sharing this experience with very good friends. Thank you very much Urre!! In 2008 I was in his restaurant and that gave me luck as I got second place in Kona, I’m sure this year’s visit to Urrechu is gonna give me good luck again and tons of energy and motivation.


For all of you that are competing and training at your best, I wish you health and I send you all my positive energy, I’ll be cheering from the other side, and for those resting or immersed in their other passions or works give all your best and enjoy it. See you soon!!