Atypical week. I packed on Tuesday and went back from Lanzarote to Siberia-Gasteiz. The bad weather coincided with my departure from the island, heavy rains and winds caused damages in many parts of the island, my support and encouragement to all the people affected from here. I arrived in Vitoria-Gasteiz with a fairly tight agenda for these few days that I was going to spend in the cold.

The first appointment was with my coach Iñigo Mujika in USP Araba Sports Clinic for a maximal effort test on the cycle ergometer. I must admit I’m not a big fan of these tests but are very useful to see the fitness, compare it with previous years and adjust the new training paces. The result was good, more peak power and lower heartrate and less lactate than last year at race pace. On the bike we are on track.

Giving everything. Photo: Paulino (DNA)


In the afternoon awards ceremony of the Association of Sports Federations of the Basque Country. Good atmosphere and a nice time I had there, and above all very happy and grateful for this Basque Sportman of 2010 award.

And on Friday after days of doubt and uncertainty about whether there was snow or not, whether there would be winter triathlon championship or not, I left to Reinosa to compete in the Spanish Winter Triathlon
Championships. I had always been eager to participate in this classic that is the Triathlon of Reinosa, 25 editions, which are said soon (congratulations on that silver anniversary!!), pioneer race in the White Triathlon. Traditional format (on road) good for me and a ski circuit somewhat shorter than usual because of the lack of snow, wich was even better for me since I was getting to the starting line with zero miles on the skis the day of the race. After many years of snow format we finally competed in an event that was best suited to my conditions, with a segment of run and bike with more weight in the global computing of the race.

Last slope in the fog and snow. Photo: Manu Basaran

Out from the horn I took first place and in the 10 kilometer run through the streets of Reinosa I opened a small gap that I increased on the bike, first in the 12 kilometers of flat roads and then in the 15 kilometer climb up to «El Chivo» area above the ski station of Braña Vieja. In the transition from bike to cross country skiing I had serious problems, the snow under my boots would not let me attach the bindings and I was about to lose my temper, almost two minutes of despair until I finally could start skiing. The advantage over second placed Jon Erguin was large, more than four minutes, but I didn´t know at that moment and I had a hard time while I was fighting with the snow and the ice.

Not too bad style!! Photo: Manu Basaran

On the skis I felt better than expected with the lack of training, I stood on the skis without falling (not easy for the state of the track and the snow …) and crossed the finish line as the new Spanish Winter Triathlon Champion, a title that I was pursuing for many years and now I’ve finally made it. I have to defend it in 2012!!

On the podium with Jon Erguin (2nd) and Sergio Gimeno (3rd). Photo: Manu Basaran

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Good and happy training to everybody!!