On Monday I was in Spiuk renewing the sponsorship contract with the brand that has been supporting me for the last years. It is a great pleasure to stay together with home brands that develop the highest quality products and give such a great support to our sport. I am very happy to continue with Spiuk. I also had the opportunity to discuss new products that are to come and to take a look at new designs, there is especially one with which I am very excited and I am working actively, soon you will have more details, I’m already anxious… we also comment on the new designs of my clothes for 2011, we will have them ready soon, I think they’ll look great.

Back to Lanzarote on Tuesday, a week in the cold of Vitoria-Gasteiz makes me appreciate even more the conditions of the island, here we can also feel the winter with more rain, wind and lower temperatures than usual but it is still a great pleasure to continue training and spending the winter at Club La Santa. We will still be here for another month, and we want to take advantage to the fullest. These days have allowed me to return to the training routine that was interrupted a bit last week with the Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship, I must say that I found very good that little break … and now I’m back into the rhythm of workouts and good feelings.

I close the week with a relaxing day, I even had the chance to surf a little, long time since I got to catch waves and I appreciated it since I came out from the ocean recharged and ready for a tough week ahead.

Best regards and good training to everybody!!

My bike, the lava, the volcanoes, the wind and myself… I love it!!