In the beach in february, can you believe it?

Sixth of the year and only n> four for the first big race of the season: Abu Dhabi!! This past week has been relatively calm mainly because I have two tough weeks ahead to catch the shape that I need for Abu Dhabi. That doesn´t mind the week was easy, I have to sweat believe me, I struggled a bit doing the first important intervals on the bike and doing some quality running on the track, I was tired towards the end of the week. So nothing like a bit of relaxation on Sunday, visiting the beach and all, to recover both mentally and pshically and get ready for what comes ahead. This has only just begun.

And this picture is on Tuesday in presenting European Sports Destination Lanzarote, this big project promotes sports tourism on the island, the most significant sporting events of 2011 in Lanzarote were presented, lots of triathlon will be on the island and much more is to come in the future.

Good training to everybody!!


PS: Don´t forget about the Spiuk Kronos Kona 2008 helmet raffle for Tri W.W.W.!!