This helmet has a new owner

Volume and intensity were the keys of the week, long workouts with touches of quality, I began the week with five hours of biking with some tough intervals, as well as a swimming session. The rest of days had been like that, some long runs too, and many meters in the pool with a total of five sessions. On Sunday I had a rest day that came just on time to recover from a little cold, it seems that I left it behind.

These weeks are key for Abu Dhabi, last year’s planning went so well that we are repeating the same schedule, I’m confident to get to Abu Dhabi as strong as last year, or even stronger. At the moment the feeling is very good, on the bike I’m doing a few watts more and above all I am feeling very well at competition intensities, essential to survive the 200 kilometers of Abu Dhabi and get off the bike as cool as possible to give everything in the 20 kilometer run.

Ruth, Isa, Andres and me at the Charity Gala

On Friday we were at the Charity Gala for Tri W.W.W. where my 2008 Spiuk Kronos helmet was raffled. The raffle winner was Juan Pablo Marti Martinez but as he knew that Andres was like crazy to be able to use my helmet he gave it as a gift to him in a beautiful gesture. Thanks Juan Pablo!! I hope to see Andres wearing the helmet in many races, I think he will use it in the Vulcano triathlon where he will compite next. The gala was great, the Mai Tai in Sands Beach is a spectacular place, we had a luxury dinner, talked with everyone who came by, we made our contributions to Tri W.W.W. and enjoyed the live music of «Sexy Chocolate.» It was a very successful Gala and I hope to enjoy it again next year. Thanks Isa and thank everyone who helped with the raffle, the gala and Tri W.W.W.!!