Back to Club La Santa after a tough & long bike ride

With this past week I finished the hard work for Abu Dhabi, the hard work, yes, but not all work, there is still the tapering to do, as important or even more important than all the work done till now. I completed the key days of the week very well, it’s hard when volume and intensity come together in the training schedule, cumulative fatigue is going to undermine the strength and spark, and with each passing day you find it more difficult to push at higher rates and reach high intensities. Almost every day I had high quality training sessions, race pace swim sessions, some faster days too to get some speed, and cycling and running in the same way, with touches of intensity almost daily doing rides up to 5 hours maximum and 1h45 on the run which was the longest run I’ve done till now. I arrived at the end of the week tired but very happy, the feeling is very good and everything is on track. The next two weeks are easier, more time off to recover the body and absorb the 100% of the previous weeks workouts.

Fuel arrived just on time

This week I ate a few of these, Mulebar bars and gels. I like the bars for long easier workouts and when I need an extra punch of energy I take the gels. 100% natural ingredients from organic farming, gentle on the stomach and your body and gentle on the planet at the same time. Rice syrup and agave are the main ingredients of the gels, I’ve used agave syrup since long ago to sweeten and to create my own gels at home, having it mixed with rice syrup make the contribution of carbohydrates more complete and balanced, they also have ginger in the Lemon Zinger version wich has antiinflammatory and digestive properties, and a touch of guarana (it has caffeine) that contributes to give us that final push at critical moments. The issue of nutrition in training and competition is always a bit special for everyone, I’ve always been a proponent of natural products as much as possible, my stomach feels much better and I always created my own gels and energy drinks based in fruit and syrup. Now I get it from Mulebar gels ready to eat so I have energy ready for the next trainings and competitions.

Legs in cold water, a good idea after a tough workout

We only have a few more days to enjoy the island and Club La Santa. We start now our last week before returning home, we will enjoy the time that we still have here.

Good training to everybody!!