A good day on the bike, felt quite fresh at the end of the 181 kilometers of the bike and ready to attack the marathon and try to catch Marino.




A fast bike course but not a flat one. Climbing one of the hills on the bike in Frankfurt.




Starting the marathon a bit too fast, under 3’40″/km pace for the first part of the run, payed the initial effort halfway on the run, 3rd and 4th laps were tough, it was hot and windy, but I had enough strength to increase my lead.



…and even sprint to the finish line, one second before crossing the line…



…and the relief of finishing the race and stoping the watch under 8 hours, only for 2 seconds!!



A little recovery time…



And finally time to celebrate at the balcony with women’s winner Camilla Pedersen!! Thanks you to my wife Rut, my family, friends, sponsors and to everybody who follows me and supports me!!


Now a couple of weeks off to get a good recovery before starting the preparation for Kona. Best regards!!