A brave sea, «The Wall» of Aia and the public supporting all the triathletes, Zarautz BH Triathlon in its pure state.


Foto: Manu Basaran www.photodeporte.com


The wave that we caught arriving to Zarautz must be the longest that I have never “surfed» in a triathlon and despite that my calf muscles cramped at that same time, I went out of the water with a big smile. I know that behind there were plenty of people who had a bad time in the sea, among them good friends, much encouragement for them, I hope that someday you can also get to enjoy these conditions. Jon Unanue was more intelligent than all the others and a great knowledgeable of «his beach», he took us advantage in these late meters. Mathias imposed a strong rhythm climbing up to Meagas, so we soon took to Jon and we lead the race, I felt good and strong on the bike, maybe one of the best feelings I’ve had in the last years in a competition. Some more intense workouts and the work that my brother Hektor is doing with the Retül bike fiting system in my position on the bike are giving good results. In the flat parts of the bike course I felt faster than Mathias and after the second climb to Meaga’s Hill, in the tranches of higher speed, well docked to my BH GC Aero and getting all the efficiency to the HED Jet Disc, I went alone toward the Wall of Aia. The step by Zarautz was spectacular, the tempers incredible, excited I climbed the High of Orio and I took the way to Aia with desire, the last year I missed it, is a stretch very hard, but all who come to Zarautz we know it’s there, and in part is one of the reasons why I like this triathlon, because it is hard. 39X26 from below and to climb steadily, last week with a 23 I climbed better but not with almost 70 hard kilometers in my legs.


Foto: Manu Basaran www.photodeporte.com


Recovering in the descent and climb with calm for the second time the High of Orio, I left the bike in T2. I was going without any references on my persecutors, but in step by the first underground I saw that Mathias goes over with the bike, that was more than 3 minutes of advantage. I didn´t know where was the rest but soon they gave me the first reassuring references, I relaxed a little and enjoyed the race. I keep the pace during the last two laps of the run, in the areas of public I tried to greet, the last year at this stage I was without energies more than to run, and this is why this year I wanted to thank in some way to the people that support all the athletes in all areas of the circuit. I entered in the Mayor Street, the corridor of public was spectacular, the emotion made me a lump in the throat, I tried to return the encouragement with applause to the public. Once more, and with this have already been 9, they have carried me forward until the Txapela.


Foto: Eduardo Marquínez


Thanks to Zarautz, to the Triathlon Association of Zarautz too, and thank you to all for your encouragement and congratulations.
See you next year!

PS: «Each one is owner of their dreams».