Photo: Jacky Everaerdt


Escaping from cold weather, another year, Ruth and me will be in Lanzarote Island during the winter. Like I’m spending a lot of time training, I don’t have so much time to update my webpage because the only thing I want to do is… rest!! That’s why I would like to apologize if you have visited my blog looking for some news.


Photo: Jacky Everaerdt

The last few weeks I feel in a good form, recently I’m thinking of doing base training, a lot of hours and kilometers at easy pace, in order to obtain a good aerobic base to later add more quality and intense training. Fortunately, here in Club La Santa, there are always nice people to train with, as for instance in swimming, Ainhoa Murua and Jon Unanue, both are here searching for good weather and conditions, as well, Ainhoa is preparing to participate to London Olympics Games. Cycling we are a good group with Victor del Corral, Nicholas Ward, Jon, Ainhoa, Ruth, Azucena, Mark, Thomas… and any person who will come around the Club La Santa will be welcomed to join us to do some kilometers. For running, most of the time I’m going alone but as I’m getting more and more in shape, I will join Jon and Ainhoa in some intervals and I hope to be able to run with Victor and others athletes and triathletes that will come around.


Cycling up to Mirador de Haría with Jon Unanue and Victor del Corral

What is the objective of making all this? I’ve been a couple of weeks thinking about the competition plan and now, big events are clear:


– 3rd of March Abu Dhabi International Triathlon.
– 25th of March  Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship, Melbourne.
– 29th of July ITU Long Distance World Championship, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
-13th of October. Ironman World Championship, Kona (Hawaii).
-28th of October. Xterra World Championship, Maui (Hawaii).


We have some weeks left to stay in Lanzarote, hard weeks of training.  I promise you to dedicate more time to update my blog periodically. Be aware, there will be news shortly!

Good training to all of you!!