The winter is tough in VitoriaGasteiz and as usual at this time of the year we migrate to the warm and dry weather. Our destiny couldn´t be other than Club La Santa in Lanzarote. We came here to open the gifts at Rut’s home for «Reyes Magos», wich were great! but the best gift I am having is the fantastic climate that the island is offering us and the good company I am having to do even better the season firsts long workouts. The initial plan is to stay at Club La Santa until March, though by late January I return to Vitoria with the intention of going to the Spanish Winter Triathlon Championships in Reinosa, I hope it snows a bit there to immediately return to Lanzarote and continue to prepare the first big race of the season: Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, on March 12th. At the moment things are going well, picking up the pace of training, and having good feelings.